Why Is My Puppy Vomiting: 5 Possible Reasons

Adopting a new puppy is a magical feeling. Bringing a cute little creature into your home that you will take care of is always wonderful. And since we grow so attached to our little pups, it can be tough when we see them struggling.

One common concern that new pet-owners have is seeing their pet vomiting. Puppies vomiting can be a very concerning sight, and it can cause many people to panic.

However, there are many different reasons your dog can start vomiting, and some of them aren’t a cause of concern at all. To help you figure out and learn more about your puppy’s condition, here are five possible reasons your puppy is vomiting.

5 Possible Reasons Your Puppy Is Vomiting

Dogs vomiting is a fairly common occurrence; just ask any pet owner. And while sometimes they are nothing to worry about, other times they can be a real cause of concern and require immediate veterinary attention.

Here are common possible reasons your puppy is vomiting;

Internal Parasites

If your puppy has been dewormed and you notice them vomiting, this could be a sign of parasites, especially if paired with diarrhea. If you notice your dog vomiting and they haven’t been dewormed yet, try to schedule a visit with the vet as soon as possible.

Food Poisoning

If your dog ingests a toxic substance, this could cause them to vomit. This can occur if they eat something they’re allergic to, eating a toxic substance or ingredient, or even eating spoiled or rotten food. Food poisoning is usually accompanied by diarrhea and other symptoms.

Eating Something They Shouldn’t

Dogs don’t just vomit when they eat a toxic substance. If your dog spends a lot of time in the garden or outside the house, they might encounter grass and other plants they might find appetizing. Other times, dogs can even eat plastic toys that are lying around. When this happens, their body rejects the foreign substance and tries to force it out through vomiting.

Diet Change

If you’ve suddenly changed your puppy’s food, this could also cause them to vomit. If your dog isn’t used to a new food yet, it might upset its stomach when eaten. So, if you’ve recently changed your dog’s food and you notice them vomiting, the dietary change could be the reason why.

Food Intolerance

Some dogs simply don’t like certain foods, or their body can’t handle them, simply because they might have a more sensitive stomach. If you fed your dog a new treat, snack, or meal, their stomach and palate might not agree with it, which is a common cause of vomiting.

If none of these causes seem plausible, check out PetMD detailed article to see if you can find other reasons why your dog is vomiting.

What to Do If Your Puppy is Vomiting

If you catch your puppy vomiting, the most important thing to do is observe them. Try to check for the color and consistency of the vomit, as that can tell you a lot of information. If the symptoms disappear after a couple of hours, it should be nothing to worry about.

However, if your dog is still vomiting days after you first catch them, it’s best to schedule a vet visit as soon as possible.

It might also help to read up on what to do when you see your dog vomiting a certain color, consistency, or substance. You can also read the Spot & Tango guide on what to do if your dog is vomiting white foam and more to help you figure out your dog’s condition and understand what to do!

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